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CONFAP (Brazilian National Council for the State Funding Agencies)

This non-profit organization was created in 2006 to articulate the interests from Brazilian State Funding Agencies, among other goals.

For example, CONFAP and its partner, CONSECTI, proposed a new legislation for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). It was sanctioned by Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in 2016 and may help to reduce bureaucracy for researchers as well as facilitate innovation in Brazil.

In terms of international cooperation, CONFAP´s members participated in missions to the United Kingdom, China, Finland, Russia, Canada, Ireland and Belgium. As a result, the Council established several partnerships with European countries (initially with France, in 2011) and has perspectives of increasing joint actions with Ireland and Canada, for example.

Above all, there´s a strong partnership with the United Kingdom that has resulted in several public call until between 2014-2016. In fact, CONFAP was the first Brazilian organization to operate the Newton Fund and has been publicly recognized by its success in implementing the calls.

Since 2013, CONFAP is directed by Sergio Luiz Gargioni (also president of the Santa Catarina State Research and Innovation Support Foundation). The vice-president is Maria Zaíra Turchi (Goiás State Research Support Foundation president). The coordinator of the International Area is Mario Neto Borges, former president of this Council.

The 26 members that compose CONFAP meet in National Forums generally 4 times per year. Each CONFAP president is elected, for 2-year terms, among all the presidents of the State Funding Agencies.

The Council´s Office is located in Brasilia, Federal District. Address: Setor Hoteleiro Sul, Quadra 6, Edifício Brasil 21, Conjunto “A”, Bloco “E”, Sala 1115 – Asa Sul, CEP 70322-915 Brasília – DF. Fone (61) 3039 9449. Fax (61) 3039 9448.