Mobility Confap-Italy MCI 2019

The call opens on August 27th 2019 and will close on October 21st, 2019.

Brazilian State Funding Agencies (FAPs), articulated through the Brazilian National Council of State  Funding Agencies (CONFAP), are launching a call for proposal offering support to researchers from Brazil, based in Brazilian higher education and research institutions, who are willing to working in research in Italy, in collaboration with local colleagues.

The objective of the agreement is to facilitate and support effective collaboration between the Parties for scientific, technological and innovation cooperation, through the mobility between the two countries of PhD students, Master students (Mestrado or Laurea Magistrale students) and post-docs.

The call offers support for researchers in Brazil through Scholarships.

The following Brazilian State Funding Agencies support the present call:

1. Paraná - Fundação Araucária

2. Pernambuco - FACEPE

3. Federal District - FAPDF

4. Alagoas – FAPEAL

5. Amazonas - FAPEAM

6. Goiás - FAPEG

7. Maranhão - FAPEMA

8. Mato Grosso - FAPEMAT

9. Minas Gerais - FAPEMIG

10. Rio Grande do Sul – FAPERGS

11. Rio de Janeiro - FAPERJ

12. Espírito Santo - FAPES

13. Bahia - FAPESB

14. Santa Catarina - FAPESC

15. São Paulo - FAPESP

16. Paraíba - FAPESQ

17. Mato Grosso do Sul - FUNDECT

18. Pará - FAPESPA (Corrigendum 1)

Applications must be sent within the 21st of October 2019, through the link: https://sigconfap.ledes.net/.  

Researchers from the States of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais must send proposals within the call’s link mentioned above and also directly to:

São Paulo - FAPESP: www.fapesp.br/13116

Rio de Janeiro – FAPERJ, available through the link: http://www.faperj.br/downloads/Chamada_Mobility_Italy_Confap.pdf

Pernambuco - FACEPE: http://agil.facepe.br/ 

Minas Gerais - FAPEMIG: https://fapemig.br/pt/chamadas_abertas_oportunidades_confap/

For further information, please contact confap.mci@gmail.com 

​Data de Encerramento: 21/10/2019
Status: Finalizado

Arquivos para download

Confap-Italy Call 2019

Confap-Italy Call 2019 - Corrigendum 1