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ERC – CONFAP – CNPq Call 2018: Second Round

ERC – CONFAP – CNPq Call – Second Round 2018
Research opportunities in Europe for active PhD researchers from Brazil
Contact for assistance and support: confap.erc.ia@gmail.com
More information on ‘ERC teams open to the world: https://erc.europa.eu/managing-your-project/set-and-develop-your-team



The fourth round opens on 14th of December 2018 for applications and will close on 25th March 2019 at 12.00 midday Brasília Time.

Brazilian State Funding Agencies (FAPs), articulated by its National Council (CONFAP), and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) are launching a call for proposals offering support to researchers based in UK Universities and Research Institutions, who are willing to work in research institutions in Brazil, in collaboration with local colleagues.



Prazo para envio de propostas: 31 de julho de 2018
Instituições italianas participantes: http://www.mci.unibo.it/en/brazilian-candidates/academic-opportunities
Formulário para envio de propostas: http://sigconfap.ledes.net/


Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans)

Building on the results from the joint transnational call “Ecological aspects of microplastics in the marine environment” and recent scientific findings this joint transnational call intends to increase the knowledge about the relevant sources of microplastics, analytical methods for identifying smaller micro- and nano-)plastics, monitoring their distribution and abundance in marine systems and their effects thereon as well as concepts to reduce inputs of plastic into the marine environment. 
For this call funding partners from Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden have allocated a total amount of up to € 9.2 million funding. In addition, researchers based in other countries are able to participate with their own resources.
Through this new call, JPI Oceans is aiming to promote European and transatlantic research cooperation on the issue, and contribute to the Regional Seas Conventions, to the implementation of the Belém Statement as well as G7, G20 and UN aims of reducing (micro-) plastic pollution in the ocean.


This call comprises four main themes:
  1. Identification, characterisation and quantification of the major microplastic sources, especially mechanisms and time scales of macroplastic fragmentation
  2. New sampling and analytical methodologies - focusing on the smaller (nano-)particles and in situ measurement methods for all matrices (water, sediment, biota) 
  3. Monitoring and mapping of microplastics in the marine environment including its effects on the marine environment
  4. Concepts to reduce inputs of plastics into the marine environment including through new recycling methods, raising public awareness, promoting behavioural change, socio-economic analyses

Rules for Participation

Each application must address at least one of the four themes of the call. Please note that not all funding partners will fund applications in all topic areas. 
Proposals need to involve eligible research partners from at least three participating countries. Projects will be funded for up to 36 months. The maximum requested funding per proposal is € 2,000,000.
The deadline for submitting proposals is on 28 February 2019 at 12:00 CET (mid-day). All applications must be submitted via the submission platform.

Call text

Details of the call, including the call announcement and the application process are provided on the submission platform. Before starting to prepare proposals, applicants are advised to consult the national funding guidelines and contact their funding organisation(s) as listed in the annex documents for the call.


      UK-Brazil English Collaboration Call

      Call launch 21 June 2018
      Applications open 16 July 2018
      Call closure 21 September 2018
      More information (English): https://www.britishcouncil.org.br/en/uk-brazil-english-collaboration-call


      ERC – CONFAP – CNPq Call 2018: First Round

      Prazo para envio de propostas: 31 de agosto de 2018
      Formulário de cadastro: http://www.confap.org.br/news/ercform/public/login (após o preenchimento do cadastro cumprindo as exigências, a lista com as informações sobre os projetos será encaminhada em até cinco dias úteis)
      Mais informações: https://erc.europa.eu/managing-your-project/set-and-develop-your-team


      Grand Challenges Explorations – Brazil

      We seek proposals designed to answer critical scientific questions related to maternal and child health and development outcomes. Proposals should use innovative data analytics and modeling approaches that can be applied to the CIDACS linked datasets or to other relevant data sets that applicants can access. Proposals should be based on these linked datasets or existing primary data in Brazil and yield actionable results with a potential to significantly impact public health policy.
      More information: https://gcgh.grandchallenges.org/challenge/grand-challenges-explorations-brazil-data-science-approaches-improve-maternal-and-child


      Water JPI 2018 Transnational Joint Call

      É importante observar as Guidelines específicas da Fundação relacionada ao seu Estado. As FAPs participantes desta Chamada deverão publicar nas próximas semanas os documentos com as diretrizes específicas para participação. Fique atento!


      Water Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) – 2017 Joint Call

      Chamada conjunta é focada na gestão da água em relação aos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS) da ONU, para projetos de pesquisa colaborativos, envolvendo no mínimo 3 países participantes na chamada.
      A chamada tem dois temas específicos:
      1. Pressão sobre ecossistemas e medidas de mitigação;
      2. Desenvolvimento de soluções acessíveis para gerenciamento de água.
      Overview e Documentos gerais da Chamada: http://www.waterjpi.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=583&Itemid=1097

      É importante observar as Guidelines específicas da Fundação relacionada ao seu Estado. As FAPs participantes desta Chamada deverão publicar nas próximas semanas os documentos com as diretrizes específicas para participação. Fique atento!


      Prêmio Fundo Newton

      The Newton Prize is an annual £1 million fund and aims to incentivise researchers and innovators to participate in the Newton Fund as partners with the UK, and to work on the most important challenges facing Newton countries. The concept for the Newton Prize has been developed to demonstrate how UK partnerships with Newton countries are solving global challenges.

      The 2018 Newton Prize eligible countries are: Brazil, Chile*, Colombia and Mexico. The prize was only open to existing or past recipients of Newton funding, with projects in these countries.

      More information: http://www.newtonfund.ac.uk/newtonprize/